Poetry Alchemy for Our Times

Free online interview series. Learn from thought leaders who show you how to use powerful poems to restore and transform your life.

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Discover the power of poetry as a lifeline

Poetry Alchemy for Our Times is a ground-breaking series hosted by Ríonach Aiken who interviews leaders and teachers about the power of poetry to restore and transform our lives.

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Poetry is the perfect counterweight to the challenges of our times.

When we are caught up in our to-do lists, striving and struggling with overwhelm, poetry can remind us what life is really about. It brings us home to our deeper values.

Although we are ever more connected through technology, people feel increasingly isolated and alone. Poetry helps us to know that others share our experience and enables us to communicate our feelings more authentically.

As human beings we constantly have to navigate through inner and outer worlds of tremendous complexity. Poetry offers a language that is large enough to hold that complexity.

Nick Williams

Well-known author and thought leader Nick shares the poems that helped him cross thresholds or find meaning in difficult experiences.

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Kim Rosen

Saved by a Poem author and international teacher, Kim talks about the yoga of poetry, how poems can take you on a journey and create a deep connection.

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William Sieghart

Founder of National Poetry Day UK, William created Britain’s largest prizes for poetry and publishes annual poetry anthologies. Also known as the Poetry Pharmacist, he prescribes poetry for various ailments of the spirit.

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"Just listened to the interview - a fantastic discussion. I loved how it gently introduces one to idea of self-discovery and acceptance through the poems that were chosen. Found the reading list a great resource too."

Melissa Beverley Jordan
Cambridgeshire, England

"Some phrases from the interview that hooked me: lines of a poem summoning things in us that are un-lived and unloved, poems coming alive from being spoken, giving our life force to a poem."

Carol Bower Foote
California, USA

"For an epic adventure, a quest across perilous waters, what talisman would you take with you? After the interview, definitely a poem! Was breathing in the beauty and essence resonating from your passion for the poets of mystical imagination. A huge thanks."

Anne Hederman
Dublin, Ireland

Jackee Holder

Author, teacher and coach Jackee shares the poems that shaped her self-identity and offers tips for using poetry to connect with your innate wisdom.

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Jules Heavens

Transformational workshop leader Jules reveals how poetry transformed her fear of writing into a passion and helped her heal from a life-threatening illness.

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Anne F. O'Reilly

Author, poet and teacher Anne shares the poems that enabled her to live a passion for the possible and step through major transitions in her life.

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Rionach Aiken

Founder of Poetry Alchemy for Our Times, Ríonach shares many powerful poems, including one that catapulted her into leadership and her CEO role.

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About this series

When a poem is engaged with deeply, alchemy occurs. The magical elements of the poem merge with our lived experience, forging a powerful new perspective.

More and more people are finding that an encounter with the right poem at the right time can carry them across a new threshold in their lives.

When you allow the wisdom of a poem into your life, you discover poetry as a transformative force, an inspiration, a restorative, a shock absorber for the harshness of reality, a vision of a new reality, a revelation.

Something is happening. Quietly, organically, many teachers and leaders are finding new ways to use poetry to support themselves and others.

Poetry is becoming a new holistic movement.

  • What is this new way of engaging with poetry and how is it different to what has come before?
  • How can you find the powerful transformative poems that can open your heart, restore sanity and inspire you into action?
  • What are the different ways you can bring these poems into your life to support you with everyday challenges?

Join our global community as we come together to engage with these questions.